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SpasByStarla Starts an official Polish (Pah-lish) Blog!

Introduction Post (Jan 14th 2014)

So getting a late start setting up a blog in the new year.. but like I say.. Better late than never :)

So a few things about me... First off I am a horrible speller and full of grammatical uh ohs so please forgive me in advance!

I type like I would be talking to you in person..I find it more personal that way, and shows off my bubbly personality, some find it unprofessional or juvenile.... I say whatever! Oh well! My blog..My way! Right?:)

Ok so now I got the out of the way .. I am a full-time working, single mother to two beautiful boys..I have a career life, family life and a home beauti business as well! Yes, I stay busy! :) Some think I'm nuts for taking on a Blog about polish.. And I say yup I am nuts and love it :)

They join in my love of Nail Polish among other things. In fact my oldest son who is 10 actually is my key mani polish picker.. That boy has an eye for a good color and picks great colors out that compliment me.. and not afraid to tell me when something does not look as good. My youngest at only 2 1/2 is following and likes to pick out colors at the store for mommy.

I am a Texas native and lived in this great state for 90% of my life.  Although I am not a fan of the humid summers, I am not sure I would live anywhere else.

I started my nail polish obsession (yes I admit it without shame) back in August 2013 (Thanks to my best friend & Sister from another mother ) so I have not been in the community for long but find/myself right at home with many other polish lovers and addicts. I have always craved good nails that are natural and not acrylics like in my past..Love the freedom of doing my own manicures and having access to more colors than my salon.  Don't get me wrong..I enjoy a good mani/pedi pampering from time to time!  Who Doesn't! I have started to dable in nail art including stamping as well and love it and always looking to try new things! I am always changing my polishes to try out different colors from my great collection and I hope to share this with you..

    (Above Photo is Philly Loves Lacquer (PhLL) Thanksgivinkuh Miricle
                    a part of the Thanksgiving Trio in Fall 2013)

One of my goals this year is to make another dent in my strive to collect one indie polish from all over world.. At least one from each country and then from each state in the USA where indie polish makers are..  I currently have several from the USA.. and lots from Australia, a few from Mexico, Brazil, England and Canada as well.

(Above Photo is Philly Loves Lacquer -- SBP PhLL - 28 Creamy Mauve and Blue Shimmer)

I enjoy many things outside of polish as well.  I love the water...the beach, the ocean, my hot tub , a lake and long hot showers :) I even dabble in the marine aquarium hobby as well. (And you polish addicts think polish is expensive HA! The amount of money I can put into my tank just to keep it up doesn't even come close to what I spend on polish!

I also am a furry friend fanatic as well.  I currently have one beautiful Calico Cat. Shea.. She is about 2 years old and very much a lovable fur-ball I rescued locally.  She fits in well with my family but apparently does not want any furry friends to keep her company :) So a single baby she will stay.

I also currently am housing several rescues.. A momma cat and her 6 newborns.. They are so fun to watch grow up.. I will be getting momma cat fixed before I release her.  She will be my outdoor kitty.. Although feral she is very loving and acts like she was someones pet previously..  This is actually her second litter .. her first she had under my deck in my backyard and I was thankfully able to find homes for all four kittens.  She managed to get pregnant before she was done feeding the first litter so I decided to bring her inside in her own room to have her new litter and protect her from having another litter before I could get her fixed..

I have relocated other cats in the area as well as racoons and opossums.. Although racoons are super cute..they are very destructive, my last one leaving me lots of damage in both the attic and exterior of the home..Sigh

Well I should wrap this introduction up.  I cannot wait to start sharing my polishes and swatches with you!!

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Have a fantastic Day!


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